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The Trio Jean Paul

The Trio Jean Paul, founded in 1991, is one of today’s most distinguished chamber music ensembles and a popular guest at the international concert venues.

Among the highlights of the latest seasons were concerts at concert house Vienna, at “Philharmonie” Berlin and “Palais des Beaux Arts” Brussels, at “Glocke” Bremen, “Wigmore Hall” London, “Tonhalle” Zurich “Konzerthaus” Luzern and “Musikhalle” Hamburg as well as at the renowned Sociedad Filarmónica in Bilbao, Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and Liceo de Cámara in Madrid. Concerts in Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Vancouver, Quebec and Montreal marked their last tours of the US and Canada.

Outstanding: Trio Jean Paul at Stadt­theater Fuerth

It was Mauricio Kagel’s Piano Trio No. 2 which protruded from Beethoven and Brahms.
Massive sound concentrations, hammering piano chords, blazing string passages convey a menacing, oppressive tension. Siren-esque glissandi make the dread (9/11) audible and tangible.Despair, perplexity, emptiness – the opus fades away in pianissimo. Seconds of silence, then applause calling the musicians back onstage three times for an interpretation that was perfect in every respect…
Two encores in return for the inflammatory cheer – an evening as well dramaturgically as interpretationally magnificient.

— Fuerther Nachrichten, Guenther Greb,
March 23, 2017

Trio Jean Paul (Stadttheater Fürth, 03/2017) Trio Jean Paul (Stadttheater Fürth, 03/2017)